Trending future skills: Future proof your university portfolio

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Trending future skills: Future proof your university portfolio, learn about the skills companies of tomorrow will most likely be looking for and how The Explorers Lab can help you train up.

The conversation about the future of jobs and skills is one of the most important in education. A student entering formal education today will be making decisions about their career by 2030. The world is transforming, in fact it was already set in motion much before the pandemic came along. The skills required to be thriving in the workforce differ substantially from those of the past. By the same token, the future of work will likewise necessitate entirely new skills. New functions will take shape, with some that we don’t yet have designations for, while  other existing roles will become obsolescent.

The World Economic Forum predicts that, more than 1 billion jobs globally, are expected to be altered by technology in the coming decade. By just 2022, they estimate 133 million new jobs in the world’s largest economies will be established keep up with the demands of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Without doubt the Fourth Industrial Revolution calls for a pivotal shift in skills. The defining trait of this shift is connectivity and blurred boundaries between the physical and digital space.  AI and machine learning are at the heart of these changes along with several other key megatrends. To add to this, COVID-19 has only accelerated this transformation. Understanding how these trends interact is clearly complex. It is also critical to understanding the jobs and skills needed in the future.

The question is: are you developing a skill set aligned with the trends of the emerging workforce and the jobs of the future? And what’s the best way to prepare for the future?

Here are what we think are the top three future skills might be. The general consensus appears to be that the jobs of the future will require a blend of hard and soft skills. You will find both in this list.

A key skill set for the future will be entrepreneurship and the empathy it entails. Understanding the evolving needs and deeply empathizing the problem are the fuel for invention.  Solving problems or finding new ways to make products efficient.  Our Entrepreneurship course helps you to generate, develop and refine your business ideas and will give you the confidence to start pitching your vision to others.

The growth of digital technologies means that you will need to be able to deal with the multitude of opportunities and challenges that come with it.

Do you have the capacity to adapt to change and solve  complex problems and evaluate multiple ideas all at once?  Our Critical Thinking course will help you to develop the ability to critically analyse arguments, recognize problems with reasoning and logic and evaluate the evidence used to support an argument.

As the world continues to depend on highly technical and continuously evolving technologies, the need for those with the digital skills to match also increases. Most of you have been acquainted with STEM skills to some extent in school, but have you heard of SMAC (social, mobile, analytics and cloud)? Being digitally literate offers capabilities beyond what was once thought possible when it comes to emerging technologies. Our courses on Computer Science and Coding and  Artificial intelligence can help progress your digital skillset and fast-track your technical expertise in these emergent fields. Whether students are aiming to create bestselling smartphone apps or wish to become leading software engineers, this is the perfect way to take their first step in that cutting-edge direction.

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