Singapore Government’s Framework for 21st Century Competencies

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In 1997 the Singapore Government faced rapid globalization and increasing competition, hence, the Ministry of Education of Singapore undertook a major curriculum review.

This led to a policy shift in the same year towards teaching students the 21st-century skills. All these actions were a clear articulation that Singapore’s future sustainability and economic growth depended on its people’s ability to learn.

The new policy focused on enabling students to develop creative and critical thinking skills. Its strategies included:

  • the explicit teaching of creative and critical thinking skills,
  • reduction of curriculum content,
  • revision of assessment modes, and
  • greater emphasis on process instead of learning teaching outcomes.

Singapore is committed to preparing its young people to thrive in a complex and ambiguous 21st-century world. They aim to cultivate a deeper love for learning and appreciating one’s diverse talents and strengths to go beyond academic performance.

Why did the reforms occur?

At the height of the Asian financial crisis in 1997, Prime Minister Goh Chok Tong urged the Singaporean people to recognise that the world had changed dramatically since the government first established the contemporary educational system’s basic architecture 1979.

Therefore, he argued for the importance of both acknowledging the substantial accomplishments of the current system and adjusting to the changed realities of a rapidly globalising world.

This attempt provided more pathways and opportunities that nurture creative talents, abilities, and lifelong learning. Since then, over the past two decades, the Singapore education system has evolved significantly.

Source: Ministry of Education, Singapore

How does The Explorers Lab help students attain 21st-century skills?

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Our singular aim is to develop a strong culture of curiosity through immersive real-world experiences and industry exposure with a pedagogic approach. Our week-long programs are curated and delivered in partnership with leading global institutions and help prepare students for college and beyond.

Over the last five years, we have engaged with 10,000+ students and 100+ schools across India and the Middle East Region. We aim to create a similar impact in Singapore and South East Asia by offering immersive enrichment programs to middle and high school students who complement their academic development.

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