Engineering Summer School

In a series of projects and challenges the students will develop a range of skills necessary for a future engineer and through relevant lectures and classes they will learn the basics necessary for the engineering in practice
25 Jul - 29 Jul 2021
4PM – 7PM
Ages 14+

About the Program

program overview Overview

For those curious about how things work, the  Engineering  course is the perfect opportunity to satisfy their curiosity and inspire future studies. This course will give the students a theoretical overview of relevant concepts as well as hands-on experience in their application. By consideration of topics such as force, pressure, strength, stress, materials, aerodynamics or fluid mechanics the students will explore the world of engineering and structures. The range of versatile skills developed during Reach Engineering course provides an advantage to any student and for those thinking about a career in the field it will give a perfect introduction and overview of what to expect during their studies.

program details Description
  • Aerodynamics and Fluid mechanics
  • Learn the concepts of Bio-engineering, Chemical Engineering, Sustainable Engineering
  • University fairs and application workshops
  • Guided hands-on experiments that can be done safely at home
  • Guides project work to solve real-world problems
Course Schedule
Day 1
Introduction session ;
Aerospace Engineering
Day 2
Bio Engineering;
Chemical Engineering
Day 3
Civil Engineering;
Computer Engineering
Day 4
Structural Engineering;
Sustainable Engineering
Day 5
Materials Engineering;
Final Project and Conclusion
Skills Developed


Study Skills

Mathematical skills

student takeways Student Takeaways

Guided Project with rigorous grounding in Engineering skills

Customized Digital certificates and Personalized Assessment Reports

Graduation and personalized reflection Sessions

Hear from our explorers

Levente, Physics & Engineering

“If you’re at all interested in engineering, take this course! I’ve learned so much from these amazing teachers, and the topics were engaging, interesting and thought-provoking.”

About Our Partner

Reach Cambridge is an experienced academic provider based in Cambridge. We help young people from all over the world prepare for their future through residential programs & online courses. Since 2005, Reach Cambridge has supported numerous young people from all over the world to prepare for their future. Based in the historic city of Cambridge, our team creates exciting and varied educational experiences – both online via our bespoke one-to-one tutoring service and in person via our longstanding residential summer programs in Cambridge.


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