Perspectives on Global Health

Perspectives on Global Health is a 10-week intensive experience designed for high school students ages 15-17. With global health as one of the biggest topics in recent times, students around the world are invited to join in the conversation as the group will explore key topics on global health with a global citizenship approach.
25 Sept - 27 Nov 2021 ( 10 Weeks, every Saturday )
4PM – 6PM

About the Program

program overview Overview

Students will explore and analyze the complex factors that highlight key global health challenges and also have the opportunity to explore their own role in finding solutions to these challenges as engaged global citizens. Under the guidance of a U of T instructor and student life facilitator, students will be encouraged to learn from one another through teamwork, creative projects, and interactive activities.

program details Description
  • Key Stakeholders
  • Barriers to Global Health
  • Global Mental Health
  • Climate Change
  • Covid-19 and Infectious Disease
  • Activism
Course Schedule
During the
10 weeks
Schedule to be discussed with supervisor.
Skills Developed

Solution oriented Critical Thinking

Public Speaking

Global Citizenship

student takeways Student Takeaways

Certificate of Completion from University of Toronto

Personalised Instructor Feedback

Hear from our explorers

“Prior to taking this course, I wanted to enter the medical field, but I did not know what area of the field I wanted to pursue. Now that I have gained knowledge on Global Public Health, I’m very interested in making the area of Public Health a part of my future academic plans.”

“I have made great friendships during this 10-week course. I am certainly planning on maintaining these connections. Everyone was amiable and pleasant in this course. We shared different points of view, different world visions, and our daily lives with each other. Respect and understanding were two important notions throughout this course and were the things that made this course extremely precious. We were all so alike and different at the same time. We were all unique, which made this whole experience beautiful.”

“I feel like this course changed my perspective on so many things I do and live daily. Before this course I had a really set mentality, I wasn't understanding or tolerating at all towards people who had different ideas, and now I know that the correct way to act is to listen to everybody even though they don't have my mindset or thoughts.”

About Our Partner

The principal mission of the International Programs at the University of Toronto, New College is to provide effective and high-quality enrichment, transition and preparatory programs for international students. It is home to many unique opportunities and programs whose aims are to respond to the complex issues international students face in university transition, language learning and cultural immersion. Ranging from short term summer programs to full year conditional admission programs, the International Programs draws on established strengths from within the University of Toronto and outside industry professionals


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