Innovation and Artificial Intelligence

MoonCamp is a virtual camp for tech enthusiastic kids aged 9-17, and focuses on the development of technical skills, entrepreneurial mindset, and soft skills. Kids can choose between robotics and home automation. An embedded learning kit is provided for hands-on learning experience.
8 Aug -19 Aug 2021
10 AM - 1 PM GST
Ages 9-17

About the Program

program overview Overview

At MoonCamp, kids between the ages of 9-17 are introduced to the basics of technology through the stream of their choice- Robotics and Home Automation. There’s a well thought-out methodology to enhance process-oriented learning. Kids get to imbibe knowledge about business and eCommerce via gamification. After joining the MoonCamp, students will be divided into a group of 4-5 and a dedicated instructor will be assigned. MoonCamp will be a 2-week long tech-entrepreneurship camp with live sessions and breakout rooms.¬†

program details Description
  • Robotics and Home Automation
  • Coding and Artificial Intelligence
  • Arduino and Raspberry PI
  • Game Development and App Development
Course Schedule
Week 1
Orientation and Team formation
Introduction to Arduino
Basic Electronic and Circuits
E-Commerce Learning
Dive into Programming
Introduction to Sensors
Week 2
Programming and Debugging
Embedded Learner Activity
Video Creation
E-Commerce group learning
What's Next session
Graduation and Awards - Parents Invited
Skills Developed

Technical skills

Soft skills

Entrepreneurial skills

student takeways Student Takeaways

Knowledge in robotics and home automation

Detailed Assessment Report

Customized Digital Certificates

Learning Kits

Learn about eCommerce, video creation, futuristic technologies

Interact with industry experts

Hear from our explorers

Soham, USA

I am so grateful to Moonshot Jr for mentoring and guiding me with the right skills required to come up with my first entrepreneurial venture - the Aquashot Kit. I went through the tech entrepreneurship program and imbibed an entrepreneurial mindset. I am excited to announce the launch of my next innovation sometime very soon.

Sania, USA

I created the Sania Box- the embedded computer kit with the help of mentors from Moonshot Jr. Now, every kid can learn coding with a few simple steps. This tech entrepreneurship program is amazingly planned to make learning easy for all. The mentors take an interest to develop skills in every kid who wants to learn with them.

Shorya, USA

Moonshot Jr has a unique way of approaching learning. They teach you through experience rather than mere theoretical knowledge. With the knowledge I received from the mentors, I created Tambola, an app to develop games and virtually play with your friends in times of social distancing.

About Our Partner

Moonshot Jr is a Silicon Valley company that offers technical, soft, and entrepreneurial education to children between the ages of 10-17 to prepare them for the future of work. What started as a plan and idea to teach futuristic skills to children and disrupt the current education system about a year ago, now has a global footprint that is transforming the lives of children. The meticulously designed 4-stage (patent-pending) Innovator program aims to prepare children by imbibing an entrepreneurial mindset via product-first learning.


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