Coding and Game Development Program

Coding has become the second language for students and opens the gateway to great career prospects. With the help of experts from Google, MIT and Harvard, CampK12 has been able to design the perfect curriculum for kids from age 6-18 years. In this coding course, the student will get a chance to develop their own game, app, and website by using multiple technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Virtual reality, and more.
15 Aug - 20 Aug 2021
12 PM - 01:30 PM GST
Ages 6 - 18

About the Program

program overview Overview

Building and programming immersive 3D applications for the VR future is hard – we made it easy. In this course you will design, code, and publish multiple immersive VR experiences using Camp K12’s very own cutting-edge VR App Development platform called HatchXR. In the process, you’re going to sharpen your skills in spatial geometry, mathematics, and coding. You’ll be using JavaScript to bring your 3D designs to life. This is the first VR course of its kind in the world, and you’ll be one of the first school students to publish VR experiences.

program details Description

For Grades 6 – 8, the themes covered in this program are :

  • VR Video
  • Space City
  • 3D drone
  • Minecraft coin collection
  • Project Showcase

For Grades 9 -12, the themes covered in this program are :

  • VR Video
  • Airport Scene
  • Minecraft coin collection
  • UFO Target shooting
  • Project Showcase
Course Schedule
For Grades
6 -8 :
DAY 1 : Fundamentals Coding,Introduction to HatchXR

DAY 2 : Design in 3D, Co-ordinate System, Graphic Designing

DAY 3 : Conditional Statements, Key Press Events

DAY 4 : Collision Detection,Functions

DAY 5 : Project Showcase Testing, Presenting
For Grades
9-12 :
DAY 1 : Fundamentals Coding, Introduction to HatchXR

DAY 2 : Linear Movement, Conditionals, Operators

DAY 3 : Collision Detection, Functions

DAY 4 : Game Designing, Game Development

DAY 5 : Project Showcase Testing, Presenting
Skills Developed

Logical Thinking

Power to solve real life problems

Become future proof with endless career opportunities

student takeways Student Takeaways

Self made VR project by the end of Boot Camp

Certification from MIT/Harvard Alumnus

30 % scholarship on full courses for top performers

Hear from our explorers

About Our Partner

Camp K-12 was founded in 2010 by an MIT computer science grad as India's first coding bootcamp for K-12 students. Since then they have taught coding to 50,000+ students, and partnered with 100's of schools and institutions to inspire a generation of young innovators.


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