Internship in Micro-finance

African countries such as Tanzania offer excellent business opportunities. Our Virtual internship "Business in Tanzania" will approach students to the current business environment of Tanzania and will teach them essential skills and factors to consider when trying developing a business in Africa. The acquired knowledge is of course also applicable in other markets.
2 Aug - 6 Aug 2021
Flexible timings to match your academic calendar
Ages 15+

About the Program

program overview Overview

Learn about business innovation, creativity and coping up with the new technologies and changing environment with this Micro-finance internship by World Unite. Provide business and investment consultation services by understanding the challenges of international companies doing business in East Africa. By the end of this internship you will be able to understand financial performance indicators and the Environmental Impact Assessment.

program details Description
Course Schedule
Monday to Friday
Details will be discussed with the supervisor
Skills Developed

Global Mindedness

Intercultural Understanding

Business acumen

student takeways Student Takeaways

Customized Digital Certificates

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Hear from our explorers

Saif Al Ramethi

This course was very helpful and it was very interesting and it made me learn a lot .

About Our Partner

World Unite! is an organization that provides Intercultural Exchange and Global Learning opportunities. Since 2007, we have been organising Internships, Volunteering Assignments, Active Travel and Cultural Experiences in various countries. Many programs are available online and you can join remotely without travelling! Our goal is to be the world's most innovative provider of educational and exciting programs, both online and on-site, that are designed to promote understanding between cultures and impart global competences.


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