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      International Community Project

      Interns with a passion or professional background in social work have the opportunity to join a community centres and other NGOs active in the field of social work in the Kilimanjaro region. Learn first-hand from social workers, social educators and social healthcare workers. Remote interns will work on case management, discuss plans of the local social work, and assist with social media and fundraising activities.
      Apr - Jul 2021 (Multiple start dates)
      Flexible timings to match your academic calendar

      About the Program

      program overview Overview

      The remote internships can be arranged with various organisations that might have different focuses, such as providing support to vulnerable children, single mothers, women or families from lower income brackets. Remote interns, under the supervision of a professional, will assist with report writing, assisting/participating in case management, administrative tasks, arranging educational materials which will be used for counseling or workshops and seminars.. The internship includes virtual site visits, e.g., to a youth club, school or to families supported by the NGO where you have the opportunity to directly interact with the beneficiaries of the NGO.

      program details Description
      Course Schedule
      Monday to Friday
      Details will be discussed with the supervisor
      Skills Developed

      Global Mindedness

      Service Learning

      Community Service

      student takeways Student Takeaways

      Customized Digital Certificates

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      Hear from our explorers

      Student Alumni

      I'm very grateful that I signed up for this amazing course. It taught me so much such as the social systems and the support everyone had for each other. I admire the strong and beautiful community of Tanzania and how everyone was willing to help each other no matter what. I'm happy knowing that there are such centers and people who choose to help others. This makes me want to help and take part in the future. I certainly want to visit Tanzania.

      Student Alumni

      This internship is helping me get closer to my long term goals because it is allowing me to work with a different culture, which is what many social workers do. It is teaching me to adapt to new ways of learning. It is opening my eyes to the world of social work and what to expect when I enter the field. The skills I have learnt so far include how to write a professional email, manage my time effectively and immerse myself in someone else’s world that is different to mine.

      Student Alumni

      Since the pandemic made it difficult to travel overseas during the summer, I decided to do an online internship. I did the Social Work internship out of Tanzania. I was placed in a community center that worked mainly with kids and I got to communicate with children, their families, and their teachers. My supervisors were very insightful and helpful along my experience. I learned that I enjoy meeting and interviewing different people and families and helping them on how they might overcome the problems they are facing.

      About Our Partner

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