Entrepreneurship with EtonX

Our Entrepreneurship course helps you to generate, develop and refine your business ideas and will give you the confidence to start pitching your vision to others.
2 Aug - 13 Aug 2021
4PM – 7PM
Ages 14+

About the Program

program overview Overview

Learn how to build the businesses of tomorrow. Entrepreneurs drive change and innovation, through the creation of new businesses and the transformation of existing industries. An entrepreneurial mindset will
allow you to think independently, push the boundaries of innovation and identify opportunities where others see obstacles. Our course helps you to generate, develop and refine your business ideas and will give you the confidence to start pitching your vision to others.

program details Description
  • Think and act like a successful entrepreneur
  • Identify problems and opportunities
  • Generate ideas that solve problems and/or have an impact
  • Test and validate your ideas and assumptions
  • Refine and iterate on an idea or solution
  • Pitch your idea to others
Course Schedule
Introductory Class
Section 1
Identifying Opportunities
Section 2
Researching your customers
Section 3
Creating a Value proposition
Section 4
Validating Assumptions
Section 5
Stay put or Pivot
Section 6
Developing a pitch
Skills Developed

Communication Skills

Critical Thinking

Entrepreneurial Mindset

student takeways Student Takeaways

EtonX Certificate

Personal Action Plan

Knowledge Test

Hear from our explorers

Rugile, Lithuania

This course helped me develop an Entrepreneurial mindset and I see Business oppurtunities everywhere I go which will help me in the future when I want to start a business of my own. I enjoyed the group classes as they allowed me to interact with many students and teachers as well as put my knowledge to practical use.

Kim, Germany

The best thing about this course is that it doesn't only involve theory, but will give you a chance to develop a business idea and present it to others. In the future I would like to work in the Economic sector and I think this course will help me with that.

Ian, Greece

The EtonX Entrepreneurship course was very interesting and provided me with the necessary tools and skills to think like an entrepreneur. Thanks to this course I have become more aware of Business opportunities and how to use them to my advantage.

About Our Partner

EtonX is a British education technology company founded by Eton College in 2015 with one mission in mind: to create innovative software and high-quality course materials that allow students to develop the skills they need for their future success. Since then, we have supported teenagers all over the world using our customised learning platform. Each course has its own Course Director from Eton College who has advised on the syllabus and content. It’s important to us that our courses include activities undertaken at Eton in lessons, tutorials and in extra-curricular activities that reflect Eton’s own teaching ethos.


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