Applying to University

Deciding on your course and university are pivotal choices, so it's crucial you make a well-informed decision. This course is perfect for students who are thinking of applying to a university in the UK.
2 Aug - 6 Aug 2021
4PM – 7PM
Ages 16+

About the Program

program overview Overview

Our Applying for University course will help you  navigate the different choices on offer and guide you in making the right decisions for your university application. We will help you familiarise yourself with all aspects of the application process, and understand your own values and preferences better, so that you apply for an institution and course that is right for you.

program details Description
  • Plan for all stages of your application whatever the time frame
  • Juggle the demands of the application process without compromising on study time
  • Stay focused on the most important factors to approach your application in the most efficient way
  • Make decisions for your university and course choices based on your values
  • Have confidence that you have considered a wide range of options before making your choices
  • Understand your decision-making process and express your reasons for your choices
Course Schedule
Introduction Class
Section 1
Planning your application
Section 2
Choosing your subject
Section 3
Choosing Universities
Skills Developed

Time Management

Communication Skills

Decision Making Skills

student takeways Student Takeaways

EtonX Certificate

Personal Action Plan

Interactive Tasks and Quizzes

Hear from our explorers

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