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Our programs are designed to engage students in real life challenges, and immerse them in an international learning community.


Hear From Other Parents

This is what parents of past students have to say about our programs.

Mridula Vinod

My daughter had a wonderful experience with the E&I camp held by The Explorers Lab. We were impressed with their quality content and friendly service. She still is thrilled to be working with them and learning new things on the way. A definite recommendation to students with an Entrepreneurial mind set or for those with a knack for new and challenging activities!

Sara Mohamed Hamoudi

After my son attended the Explorers lab physical trips in America and the virtual courses, I noticed that he's become a lot more expressive in terms of negotiating his needs and desires. He's become more independent and outgoing. He has a lot of friends from various backgrounds and his peers depend on him to plan and organize group events with friends from his current school and previous school. He's become more diplomatic and forward-thinking. I believe he learnt much of these from the courses he's attended

Abhijit Alkolkar

The Explorers Lab Virtual Camp was an exciting opportunity as it made my son consider owning his own business with revenue models. It is great to have such camps that bring in an innovative and entrepreneurial mindset in students.

Learn with the World’s Best

Our diverse range of programs allows students the opportunity to explore, experience and learn from global leaders in a range of subject matter, working closely with our program partners to understand their unique skillsets and interests.

Help Your Child Explore Their Passion

Our programs are designed to teach students how to think and solve problems on the go, helping them develop the skills that universities look for in applicants. Our approach has been honed over the years, through our close collaboration with industry leaders and Ivy League university faculty.
& Innovation

Become an impactful and innovative leader.

& Technology

Experience diverse opportunities across industries.

& Culture

Gain new perspectives, learn new languages.

& Volunteering

Build a college application portfolio of excellence.

Life-Changing Education For Curious Minds

Moulding future leaders with the opportunity to experience learning programs that from.
Global Experts

Your child with will interact with experts and industry influencers from across the globe and learn from them.

Top Universities

We’ve partnered with some of the top universities to deliver online courses and experiences that will boost your child’s resume.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can my child sign up?

In order to register for the course and to confirm a space for your child, you need to fill in the program booking form including making a bank transfer to the account details mentioned in the booking form.

What if my child is not available on those dates?

All our group courses run on the specified dates, usually during the holidays/after school. However, if you wish to schedule a private one on one class for your child, please contact someone from our team for customization of a bespoke program.

What happens if my child misses a class/day?

If your child is unable to attend on any of the days, you are required to let the instructional staff know in advance. For all genuine reasons of absence, the instructor will make himself available for 15-20 mins before the next session to help you catch up. Additional reading material/ online recordings may also be made available if needed.

When do registrations close?

Time based: Deadline for Registration and enrollment for all online programs closes 14 days before the start date of that particular program.

Capacity based: However, since the group sizes are predetermined and are offered on first come first served, the registrations will also close when the optimal group size is reached.

What are course hours and timings for online programs?

The duration of the different programs ranges from 2 – 4 hours per day. Most closed groups will begin between 9am -12 noon, however for providers based in the eastern time zone classes will take place during late afternoon.

Participants are requested to check exact details for their individual camps.

What is the minimum and maximum number of students in one class?

Our courses maintain a teacher: student ratio of 1:15. The minimum number for the courses to be executed is 6 and the maximum number of students per class ranges from 24-30 pax.

What platform will be used to deliver these classes and do we need any additional technology to access the courses?

The courses are delivered 100% virtually on platforms like Zoom/ Microsoft teams. A good and stable Internet connection and a compatible laptop with a good mic and camera are needed.

What if I need to cancel my course? What are the cancellation charges?

If due to any circumstance an online course is canceled the following deductions will be applicable

  • 60+ days: 10% of the program fee will be deducted and the balance refunded
  • 30-60 days: 50% of the program fee will be deducted and the balance refunded
  • 10-30 days: 75% of the program fee will be deducted and the balance refunded
  • Less than 10 days: 100% of the program fee is deducted
Can I book more than one program?

We run our programs throughout the year during different holiday breaks. In case of a clash, we request you to check with the team to guide you on more available dates for your choice of program.

Will I get a certificate of completion?

All our programs are fully certified, and all students are awarded a certificate of completion that can be added to their personal portfolios to enhance college applications. Some courses also provide individual assessment report and completed project renderings.

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