Global Citizenship: Planting the seeds for a sustainable future together

Jun 02, 2021 The Explorers Lab category Student Reflection total reading time 3 Minutes

Hello, my name is Adlyn. I go to GEMS Cambridge in Abu Dhabi, and I’m in Year 12. Over the Spring break, I joined the 5-day Global Citizenship and Sustainability @singapore programme.

Students learn how Singapore has coped with the changing temperatures, sea levels, etc., and how they enact their solutions to these changes within their community. The programme provides a space where students collaborate and share insights to acquire a genuine sense of responsibility for the environment and innovate plausible creative solutions to nurture the planet and the community within them. Along the way, students develop an awareness of the threats of global warming and climate change and use critical thinking, analysing and linking the problem to a cause and its possible solution.

From this programme, I gained crucial skills to promote sustainability, like global mindedness, service learning, and environmental sustainability, and understanding the different situations worldwide affecting the environment from many perspectives. I also got to get out there and do research to widen my horizon of understanding sustainability and what kind of future we can forge if we take our chances and resources and utilise them for the better.

What interested me the most regarding the programme was that we got to immerse ourselves in the story and aims of organisations or companies whose goals are to maintain and promote sustainability for the environment and its citizens. For example, students will get to tour and explore the National University of Singapore (NUS). They also get to see attractions like the ‘Gardens by the Bay’. It’s where they can witness nature living side-by-side with technology, both strengthening each other, seeing that we humans can take a step forward with innovations and science to make sustainability goals not far from achieving. We also got to know an organisation called YSI Southeast Asia. It is where we are inspired and invigorated to use our passion for the world to make significant impacts for a sustainable future.

I definitely recommend this programme to students looking to expand their knowledge and awareness of the world environmentally and who are willing to co-create ways to save and sustain what’s around them. I personally loved the atmosphere of learning and the organised activities that we have daily. It feels like a space where you can relax and let your mind wander in creativity while thinking about sustainability and learning about the positive impacts that have already been made. And of course, the positive effects that we can make for the future. Also, if you have a knack for business-related things, you can put yourself to the test with our competition of pitching the best sustainable solution to address certain SDGs.

Alright, that’s about it. See you all in the future, wherever opportunities may come.

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