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EtonX courses are designed to allow students globally to benefit from Eton’s acclaimed expertise and develop the skills you need to succeed in the future.
Bridge the gap between academic success and life in the real world.

Explore courses for practical, entrepreneurial, and soft skills that will help you stand out in our rapidly changing world.



An Educator's Perspective

"Through EtonX programs, students have shown visible changes in their aspirations, confidence and are eager to prepare themselves for a brighter future."

A student's perspective

"Hear from Samuel on how the EtonX Critical Thinking Course helped him build on his self confidence and make more justified decisions in his life. Bonus, he provides an insight into the course he's currently undertaking which is the Personal Statement Writing course!"

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EtonX – Entrepreneurship

Learn how to build the businesses of tomorrow.

Entrepreneurs drive change and innovation, through the creation of new businesses and the transformation of existing industries. An entrepreneurial mindset will allow you to think independently, push the boundaries of innovation and identify opportunities where others see obstacles. This course helps you to generate, develop and refine your business ideas and will give you the confidence to start pitching your vision to others.

​This course is 100% online and packed full of engaging learning materials, with a personal action plan and a knowledge test for each learner.


EtonX: Critical Thinking

Develop your ability to interpret, analyse and evaluate ideas and arguments.

95% of admissions decision-makers agreed that demonstrating soft skills should be an important part of applying to university. The skill of thinking with critical objectivity is becoming increasingly important. Globalization and rapid technological change mean that we face more complex information in greater volume than ever before.

This Critical Thinking course will help you to develop the ability to critically analyse arguments, recognize problems with reasoning and logic and evaluate the evidence used to support an argument.


EtonX – Applying to University

Make the right choices for your future.

Deciding on your course and university are pivotal choices, so it’s crucial you make a well-informed decision. This course is perfect for students who are thinking of applying to a university in the UK.

This course will help you familiarize yourself with all aspects of the application process, and understand your own values and preferences better, so that you apply for an institution and course that is right for you.


EtonX – Developing Research Skills

Develop the skills for independent research at school and university.

This Research Skills course develops your ability to conduct independent research that goes far beyond your textbooks or basic internet searches. You will learn how to gather information from a wide range of credible resources and how to structure the research process. You will learn about tools and techniques to save you time and how to reference your sources correctly.

By the end of the course you will feel confident about your findings and know how to present them in a clear way.


EtonX – Personal Statement Writing

Draft a winning personal statement.

Your personal statement is a key part of your university application. It’s your opportunity to showcase your passion and interest in your subject, as well as what you can bring to university life.

This Personal Statement Writing course will help you understand the different qualities admissions tutors want to see on personal statements, and how you should communicate them. You will write two personal statement drafts and get feedback on them so that you can further develop your personal statement.


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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sign up?

In order to register for the course and to confirm your spot you need to fill in the program booking form after registration, including making a bank transfer to the account details mentioned in the booking form. You will receive an access code that should be used to create an account and get started. For any concerns or clarifications simply get in touch with the team on

What if I am not available on those dates?

All classes with live tutoring run on the specified dates, usually during the holidays/after school. Asynchronous/ self-study programs allow for greater flexibility and can be completed at your own pace within a specified period of time. You will have access to your course for one year, however, students usually complete the course in 4-8 weeks.

What happens if I miss a day?

If you are unable to attend on any of the live tutor days, you are required to let the instructional staff know in advance. You will be responsible to complete any classwork that was conducted before the next session. For Asynchronous/ self-study programs you can simply login at your convenience however it is recommended to set a schedule for enhanced learning.

How is the Self-Study course structured?

A Self-Study course is divided into eight main sections:

  • the Orientation, which will introduce the course,
  • six main topic sections,
  • a Summing Up section, where you will create a personal development plan for yourself as a takeaway from the course.

Each section is divided into several units. It starts with an introduction from the course director followed by Self-Study units, which consist of interactive learning tools, such as videos, interactive reading tasks and quizzes. Each section ends with a reflection task and a summary from the course director.

Will I receive a certificate on completion of an EtonX Self-Study course?

Yes, students will receive a certificate of completion with their transcript when reaching 95% progress on a self-study course.

What is the structure of an EtonX Tutor Group course?

The tutor group course consists of 7 weeks. The first week is the Orientation week in which the students get an introduction about the course and get to know their tutor and their peers. In the following 6 weeks, they complete the self-study tasks and attend all the group classes.

When do registrations close?

EtonX runs multiple program dates throughout the year, hence the program registrations vary depending on the dates chosen by you and also when optimal group size is met. For further details write to us

What are course hours and timings for EtonX virtual camps?

A Tutor Group course consists of various self-study tasks, followed by a peer learning task and a live class. You should expect to spend around 2-2.5 hours each week on the course. The self-study materials and peer learning are around 1-1.5 hours each week and the group classes are 50 minutes long.

Self-Study courses are self-paced and offer 7-10 hours of learning materials. You can complete them in as much time as you need, but students usually complete them within 4-8 weeks.

Participants are requested to check exact details for their individual camps.

What is the minimum and maximum number of students in one class?

A tutor group is a small class of 6-8 students of a similar age who go through a course and take part in the live classes together. They will have regular interactions with each other and their tutor in the group classes, discussion forums and peer learning activities

What platform will be used to deliver these classes and do we need any additional technology to access the courses?

The courses are delivered 100% virtually on through the EtonX platform. Each participant is required to create their account with the unique access code that will be provided at the time of booking. A good internet connection on your device with a good camera and mic are a must.

Will I get a certificate of completion?

All EtonX courses are fully certified, and all students are awarded a certificate of completion that can be added to their personal portfolios to enhance college applications. For tutor groups, there are 6 main components of the courses which students have to complete to be eligible to receive a certificate.

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