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Jul 19, 2021 The Explorers Lab category Student Reflection total reading time 3 Minutes

Diversification is the key to the future – Fujio Mitarai.


Our school (Gems Modern Academy) lived up to this quote by organizing a French language immersion program in Canada, coordinated by Ms. Fatema Poonawala. There were a total of 11 students who participated in this program that took place from the 5th to the 9th of July. These classes were conducted online on Zoom by Ms. Shanie Gaudet from Edu Inter French School. The main aim of this program was to give us an insight into the culture of Quebec about its people, its food, its language etc. It was also aimed at improving our French language skills including listening, speaking, writing and reading skills.


On day 1, we learnt about the history of Quebec, their origin, how they were colonized by the British and the French and the industrialization of Quebec in the nineteenth century. Ms. Shanie showed us a video following which we were put into breakout rooms, and we had a group discussion regarding our insights of the video, and with that it was the end of the first day of so much learning and knowledge. 


On day 2, we discussed the differences between French spoken in Quebec vs the French spoken in France. We watched videos about some words in the French language spoken in France having different meanings in Quebec. We also focused on our reading and comprehending skills as we answered questions after listening to a video and reading a dialogue. We learned about the origin of the words which are spoken only in Quebec. We learned different idiomatic expressions in French of Quebec. It was truly a fun filled, interesting day with a lot of group activities. C’était une excellente expérience.


On day 3, we wrote and presented a dialogue as groups using the idiomatic expressions that we learnt the day before. Following that we heard two songs in French and tried to comprehend them to answer the questions and fill in the lyrics. We watched a video about the history and development of rap in Quebec over the course of the years followed by a short kahoot to test our understanding. It was a packed day filled with new things to learn and a lot of insight into the culture and history of Quebec.


This program has truly been an overwhelming experience and we learnt so much on this journey. It not only developed our French skills but also our knowledge about the culture of Quebec. We would like to take this chance to thank our school, the French department and The Explores lab for providing this wonderful opportunity for us. We look forward to many such experiences in the future. 


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