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      Online Coding & High School Science Courses For a Tech-Driven Future

      We offer access to high-quality science, technology and engineering courses for high school students, delivered by industry experts.

      Science & Tech Courses for Teenagers

      STEM education programs for the next generation of scientists and technologists.
      Unleash your inner scientist.
      Engineering Summer School

      In a series of projects and challenges the students will develop a range of skills necessary for a future engineer and through relevant lectures and classes they will learn the basics necessary for...

      4 Jul - 8 Jul 2021
      Computer Science and Programming

      Our Computer Science online courses and tutoring are designed to equip students with everything they need to develop their programming, coding and mathematical skills. Whether students are aiming to create bestselling smartphone apps...

      25 Jul – 29 Jul 2021
      Research Scholar Program

      Work with top researchers from the world’s most prestigious universities. Learn from experts on cutting-edge research and write research papers that will help you with University Application applications and the future.

      7 Jun - 31 Aug 2021

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        Hear from our explorers

        Neshmia Zaeem,
        GEMS Dubai American Academy

        “I had planned to take Computer Science as my IB subject and also at University. After completing this course, I got a hands-on approach to Coding. After this camp, I am even more confident that this is what I want to pursue.”

        Kerem Can,
        GEMS Dubai American Academy

        “Before signing up for the Coding Camp, I was trying to learn it from open sources on the internet. I reached a point where I thought coding was not for me. I took up this camp to give coding a last shot, and after the camp, I realized it is something of my interest, and I want to pursue this further.”

        Aaditya Mayya,
        GEMS Modern Academy, Dubai

        “I took up the coding course to get better at it and gain the essential skill of coding.”

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