Leadership Courses for Teens that Inspire Innovation

Develop an entrepreneurial mindset with real-world experience. These high school business courses help teenagers prepare for a career as an entrepreneur.

Entrepreneurship Courses For Teenagers

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Get the opportunity to learn and experience entrepreneurship skills first-hand.
Business Management and Economics

How does money & business make the world go round? Exploring topics such as strategy, marketing, finance or entrepreneurship it aims to give students an insight into the mechanisms at the heart of...

25 Jul – 29 Jul 2021
Career and College Applications

An exclusive online program to help students navigate university applications and prepare them for university education. Additionally, explore entrepreneurship and career options for a fast-paced and dynamic world.

5 Jul - 9 Jul 2021
Innovation and Artificial Intelligence

MoonCamp is a virtual camp for tech enthusiastic kids aged 9-17, and focuses on the development of technical skills, entrepreneurial mindset, and soft skills. Kids can choose between robotics and home automation. An...

8 Aug -19 Aug 2021
Internship in Business

African countries such as Tanzania offer excellent business opportunities. Our Virtual internship "Business in Tanzania" will approach students to the current business environment of Tanzania and will teach them essential skills and factors...

2 Aug - 6 Aug 2021

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    Hear from our explorers

    Raunaq Sandu
    Jumeirah College

    “Translated to a change in my thought process”. This camp has honed my Entrepreneurial skills, I am more creative and feel more confident to work with abstract concepts and to develop it to its best potential. Furthermore, these skill have translated to a change in my thought process in everyday life.

    Petro Visage
    Dubai American Academy

    “Gives you the competitive edge” For me what stood out the most, was not only do we learn to conceptualize, design and market a product to pitch it to actual investors, we really learned about collaboration and the hardships that may come along with that. The benefits that outweigh it and the beauty of undetained creativity and innovation which are essential in the real world to give you a competitive advantage.

    Rebekka Laubenthal
    Dubai American Academy

    “This has given me an edge in life” I thought it was a wonderful opportunity to develop my entrepreneurship skills , public speaking skills and this has given me an edge for life which I will carry with me for the rest of my high school career. This was a truly inspirational experience.

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